Raleigh Park students told they’ll be given microwaves if they self-isolate

You won’t get your own fridge to stop your flat stealing your milk though

Raleigh Park, self-catering accommodation managed by Derwent Students in partnership with the University of Nottingham, has today issued advice for students on self-isolation. 

In an email sent this morning, students were advised on the measures being implemented if they need to self-isolate. Alongside detailing the government advice, management have said that students should order an online food shop which will be delivered to their room by university staff, and a messenger link will be set up between the student and staff.

They have also outlined measures to reduce the need for interaction with others, notably that a kettle, microwave, and supplies such as a face mask will be delivered to the room, alongside the implementation of a rota for use of communal spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen. It was also requested that should self isolation occur, all personal items including kitchen utensils be stored in the person’s room. 

They also said that if one person needs to self-isolate, the whole flat will need to. No measures have been explained to move affected students into accommodation where it is easier to self-isolate such as en-suite rooms or studios; likewise, no suggestion was made on how to manage risk when needing to use areas outside of the flat such as when washing clothes.