How to survive a fuckboy, from girls who’ve lived to tell the tale

Because you’re better than them!

Whether it be girl, boy, anyone, I can with about 90 per cent accuracy determine you reading this at one point in your life has fell under the spell of a creature. A creature who you are obsessed with and constantly stalk on social media, a person whose life you know absolutely about. Sadly, for you however this isn’t a two-way streak, and whilst you would happily offer them your heart on a plate, they will happily chew it up and spit it back out.
For anyone this applies to, hun, this article is dedicated to you.
If you’re currently going through this, where the supposed love of your life is going back from a CRISIS with someone else, my deepest condolences and hope this advice brings you a slither of hope things WILL get better. Moving on, I’ve questioned many people asking just how they managed to do it. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the dos and don’ts to survive this harrowing time.
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You don’t need to be frowning like this!


Go out every night
I am a victim of this myself. You think to yourself ‘oh why not go out and get absolutely spangled’ to try and forget your woes. But I have news for you. That is a TEMPORARY fix, yeah you’ll feel great when you’re out, but the next morning I can probably guarantee you don’t. Chances are you got so drunk you’ve drunk messaged or called that significant other a plethora of times – to which in the sober light of day is so embarrassing, even more embarrassing if they just leave you on read as well. Take this advice, whilst I’m not saying stop going out completely, just don’t go out as a quick fix to your issues. Take the time for self-love and to better yourself and your wellbeing in the long term.
Use social media as an outlet
Many people have urged me to put this on. Post on social media to your hearts content. But DON’T post for them – as in put an absolutely fire selfie of yourself on your insta/snapchat story where you constantly check who has viewed it (aka wait for them to view it and pray they will respond). Let me tell you something. You are worth MORE than that, their validation in the grand scheme of things means nothing. If you’re posting because you’re feeling yourself and want the world to see by all means go for it, just as long as it’s not just to grab their attention.
Please don’t lie to yourself as well as your friends. Whether that be you underselling how much you like that significant other in hopes of looking like you’re playing it cool. Or in more extreme cases tell blatant lies you don’t even believe just to grab their attention. Be honest to yourself, trust me you’ll feel better for doing so.
Listen to sad songs to only further your sadness
It’s a common issue, playing sad songs to only further accentuate your ever growing sadness. Don’t become a bed hermit, snuggled under your duvet with an empty takeaway next to you listening to Paloma Faith’s ‘Only love can hurt like this’. You’ve already been through a hard time, so please don’t make it worse for yourself by sobbing along to a song with heart wrenching lyrics.
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Surround yourself with your pals
Your day ones, your uni besties, whatever you call them flock to them. These people here are the real MVPs who only want what’s best for you and want you to live your best life. Whether it be going for food, cocktails or just even a catch up, these people will make you smile so much more – and will ultimately help you get over it! They also give the best advice (besides the advice given in this article lol)
Delete them off social media (if extreme)
This is more of an extreme measure. But if looking at what they’re up to on social media constantly is depressing the hell out of you then something needs to change. After all, why subject yourself to the torment? It isn’t worth it and if a social media cleanse from them is what it takes to help get over them, then by all means go for it.
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Limit contact with them
This is the advice that is SO much easier said than done. You will want to message them constantly as you crave the attention they give you – regardless of how much or little that may be. But so many people who I’ve asked has said this was the pivotal move they made to help move them on. So whilst it seems near on impossible, give it a try at least!
There are so many ways to do this as well. You could focus on your studies, maybe try and bump that 2:1 average up to a first? Focus on your physical and mental wellbeing – that can range from going to the gym (but not in my case lol) to just taking some you time to be more calm within. After all its YOUR life and YOU should be your biggest goal, not some nobody who shouldn’t even be worth your time!
So there you have it, the dos and don’ts of how to get over that certain somebody. Please try and follow these tips if you can! You could be saved a lot of heartbreak and even crying if you do.