These Notts students have created a social enterprise out of bevs

Making a difference through the power of craft beer, pint by pint

Uni of Notts students Andrei Smirnov, studying Human Geography, Hamish Barguss Smith, studying Management, and Sales Manager James Cox are the creators behind the Bread Brew'd project, which sees the creation of a 'planet-saving pint'.

The project involves upcycling surplus bread and using it to brew beer to sell. The profits from these sales are then redirected towards tackling child food poverty across Nottingham and the UK.

The project came about after the students discovered over 1 million loaves of bread are thrown away every day in the UK, despite 1/5 children live in food insecure households, and wanted to create a social enterprise that helped combat this.

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Students are working with brewers around Nottingham

The Bread Brew'd project is one of many at Enactus Nottingham, the society Andrei and Hamish are members of that exists within the University. Enactus promotes the creation of social enterprises to combat social issues in Nottingham and abroad.

Having met them in Silicon Valley at Enactus Championships, Co-Founder Hamish said the idea was also inspired by the Enactus at Saint Mary's University.

"They told us about how they were using surplus carrots to brew a beer, and this sparked our initial interest in utilising food waste in alternative means.

"Child poverty is one of the biggest problems in Notts. It's believed around 38% of children in Nottingham live in food poverty – that's shocking. We believe food waste and food poverty shouldn't co-exist. That's why we're here, to make a difference through the power of craft beer."

The project will be in the following pubs around Nottingham: Crafty Crow, Barrel Drop, Doctor's Orders, Poppy & Pint. It will also be in Smithfield (Derby), The Pit (Newstead) and Dandy Cock (Kirkby).

It will first be sold tonight at the Crafty Crow, where the team are holding a launch party pub quiz 6:30pm – 8:30pm (buy tickets or pay on the door) – a great way to spend pres before Ocean.