The Tab speaks to the King of the Ocean: Andy Hoe

Never did find the owner of a very flaccid rubber stick on dildo

It’s hard to think of Friday nights out without thinking of Ocean Fridays. Some of us love it, some of us hate it, for many, it is a secret pleasure.

It’s been 4 years now since we caught up with the King of the Ocean, Andy Hoe, so it is about time we checked in with the Friday night ruler to talk about his experiences in the Big O’ and the strange things he must see.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in ocean?

So many I can’t remember, the first time a few years ago when everyone sat down and refused to leave at the End of Term Friday in Summer, (now known as (#GraduOcean) that was pretty weird as it had literally never happened before….and pretty much the entire club just sat on the floor and refused to go home! So, we just left them…they got bored after about an hour and started to trickle out.

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What’s the weirdest DM you’ve received?

I get way too many weird DMs. A lot that are just clearly drunk and make literally no sense whatsoever. One or two that are just plain abuse….those just make me laugh to be fair.

One or two “I know you’re married….but….” type messages over the years. From both boys and girls.

To be fair the only messages that wind me up are the ones when someone messages, and because I haven’t replied within a couple of hours (usually because of the 8 hour time difference) they swiftly follow it up with “????”. I usually then wait a few more hours before I reply, just because 🙂

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in ocean?

Years ago, a very flaccid rubber stick on dildo. Never did find its owner. It lived on the back of the office door for a while. Never figured out what use a flaccid one was either.

Why do you travel each week to make it to ocean Friday?

I don’t make it every week, every other week usually…this year so far any way.

It’s a combination of madness, commitment and genuine Ocean Love. Friday night has been my baby for 16 years at Ocean, and another 3 or 4 years before that when it was at what is now Pryzm.

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What’s your favourite colour VK?

Blue. Although….I haven’t tried Candy Cane yet.

What’s your favourite cheese song?

All of them. Any that invoke a general mass sing along. I’m also particularly fond of the emotional pop ballads at the end of the night.

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Would you ever take Friday night cheese away and change it for something else?

Not a chance. It’s what we are. I know other places play a bit of cheese, but I don’t think any go as far as we do, or as random. I like to think sometimes when we’re playing a song that I could literally guarantee there isn’t a single club in the country that would also play that song that night.

The music that fills in the gaps around the pop and cheese changes over the years depending on current trends, but the main core of the night has and will always be the same. It’s worked now for a long time, through many trends, with many other venues going up against us, and we’re still going strong.

There are plenty of other clubs in the city that follow the trends, and cater for the students who don’t like what we do, (and there are plenty of them that hate it) but at the end of the day there are 30,000 plus students at each Uni in Nottingham, we only need a small percentage of them to love what we do.

I don’t really follow what other clubs in the city are doing that much, if they’re busy etc, there are plenty of students to go around, if we’re all busy doing whatever it is we do….everybody’s happy!