A Love Letter to Lenton

You are my one true love.

Dearest Lenton,

I'm in my third year of university at Nottingham, and beginning my second year of living in Lenton – but I can already feel disheartened and upset at the thought of leaving you at the end of this year.

My connection grew with you when I began house-hunting in first year. I was a meagre fresher, scrawny, inexperienced in love, and silly. We hoped on the 34 bus with our £1.50 in change and headed to Derby Road. This was the first glimpse I had of you, and as embarrassing as it was, I fell in love with you.

My first move onto Bute Avenue was nerve-racking. This was the first time I lived by myself in a house with others, fending for myself, paying bills, perfecting my baked beans recipe. Even in refreshers, you kicked me to the curb many a time, spat at me, tortured me, but somehow I would always fall back into your arms.

Now in my second year of living with you at Teversal Avenue, I feel a greater connection with you. I desperately missed you over my fourth month summer after the tumultuous time we spent together in term 3 after a rough exam period.

As much as I love going back home to see my other mates, I always end up missing you dearly. My friends don't know how sweet you can be Lenton, how great it is living here.

There is something about a trip to your Sainsbury's that fills me up with delight or a walk down Derby Road at 3am after a Crisis that brings the life to Lenton. You attract the nicest, friendliest souls and bring out the best out of people.

Yes, the living quarters you bare may not be the best, the weather horrible, the crime rampant, but you exude a warmth that I have found nowhere in my 20 years of life.

I have only 219 days until I may have to leave you and move back home, to London like any other graduate, or (sadly) elsewhere away from you.

I wake up every day and treasure being with you Lenton. I can't wait to make the most of this last year with you.