Why you should actually give No Nut November a go

Yes, seriously.

One of those weird memes that no one really knows what started it, is coming around again. It's called No Nut November and many of you I'm sure are familiar with it. The idea behind it is that men should try and go the entire month of November without achieving orgasm. Crazy I know.

However, I'd like to make the argument that you may actually want to try it, especially if you've been single for a while or if your first and only relationship has been with four fingers and a thumb.

Here are the main reasons why you should give No Nut November a serious thought:

The blue light effect

Studies have shown that exposure to pornography on a continuous basis may be one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction in young men at the moment.

One of the reasons for this, is that the routine that would achieve an orgasm i.e. masturbating to online pornography, triggers a pavlovian response to a few factors.

It can be a theme tune associated with certain porn websites, it could be the bright colours of your go-to website and it can also be the exposure to the bright blue light from your phone or laptop screen telling your brain that now is the time to send blood rushing downwards.

On being triggered by the signal you are used to, up will spring Pavlov's penis. What this can mean is that when it's time to actually get down to proper sex with an actual person, some of these factors are no longer present and it can be harder or impossible to achieve or sustain a full erection.

One of the solutions to this problem can be to try and deprogram your brain from these triggering stimuli. Not 'nutting' for a continuous stretch of time will desensitise you to triggering pavlovian responses and re-sensitise you to regular sexual stimuli – about 30 days should do it.

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Regular climax factors

Regular masturbation often falls into a similar routine. Naturally there isn't always a need to shake things up, if it works it works, and sometimes you need to bust out a quicky. Maybe you have an unwanted random erection or need the post-nut clarity head-space before your make a terrible life decision.

Unfortunately, this means that your brain and your penis maybe reliant on a regular method. I'm not here to judge, but the issue remains that if sexual stimulation to you, continuously feels like your hand (with or without) whatever brand of lube, hand cream, shampoo or the inside of a banana peel, you may be unable to maintain a level of arousal during sex when that sensation is changed to that of the inside of your partner. This can result in either a failure to launch or worse a failure to climax.

Again, abstaining for a period of time may serve to re-sensitise you to appropriate environments working a bit like a reboot for your computer.

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The super powers

There are many jokes on the internet about the idea of not masturbating giving men superpowers. Mostly these ideas come from the r/nofap community on Reddit.

Obviously you won't get super powers if you don't masturbate, however, studies have shown that abstaining for even a week can increase your testosterone levels by 150% which obviously will increase the production and maintenance of secondary sex characteristics as testosterone does.

This can give you quite a boost at the gym, more energy, more confidence and everything else that comes with heightened masculine behaviour. The downside to this is obviously also all of the negative associations with increased testosterone i.e. heightened aggression.

However, if you can handle it this may also serve as a benefit as it may make you less agreeable and more likely to get what you want. So why not give it a try, see If you do notice any positive changes. Maybe that beard you've been trying to grow will actually fill out a bit.

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In conclusion, in order to reset your mind, declutter the effects of porn and counter one of the darker sides of masturbation, I recommend you give NNN a try!

If you don’t manage to go the full month, ask yourself why it was so difficult. If you do manage to go the full month, firstly well done and secondly, take a hard look at the differences in your life before and after the month, you might just notice some improvements.