BREAKING: Detonate festival cancelled due to rough weather

Attendees angry over short notice

The Detonate Halloween Festival which was due to happen this Saturday has been cancelled causing outrage.

The festival was due to be held in a secret location outside of Nottingham, which has been flooded due to heavy rain.

1000s of attendees, many students among them, had to pay £47 for tickets as well as buses to the location and many purchased additional prepaid vouchers for drink inside.

The festival, which was due to pull in thousands of visitors, has been cancelled due to inclement weather over the past few days. The event, which cost £47 a ticket and required a further £11 for transport was set to attract partygoers across the UK. Prospective attendees are angry at the apparent irresponsibility of the organisers.

Ticket holders have since been sent these pictures showing the state of the venue:

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The fields where the festival was due to take place have been flooded due to heavy rain

The event's Facebook page states: "We’re absolutely devastated to announce that, due to heavy rain over the last few days and weeks and further severe weather forecast for the next 48 hours, we have been forced to cancel Detonate Halloween Festival 2019."

"Consultation with relevant authorities, health & safety, and other professionals has concluded that customer safety could be compromised if the festival were to go ahead."

"All tickets, drinks vouchers and shuttle bus passes will be refunded in full. Drinks vouchers and bus tickets will be processed straight away (pls allow 3-5 days for it to hit your account), Info on event ticket refunds will follow next week but please rest assured you will be refunded in full."