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Nottingham is the second cheapest city to be a student

Have they been to Sains on Derby Road?

According to a new study by TotalMoney, Nottingham has been ranked second cheapest place to be a student in the UK.

TotalMoney analysed eight important living factors such as rent , the price of a taxi and most importantly the price of a pint.

So what can you get for your money in Nottingham?

Rent – £105 a week (university halls)

Cinema – £5 a ticket (Savoy)

Gym – £10 for a month (Hussle app – formerly Pay As U Gym)

Coffee – £2.50 per cup

Meal for two – £12

Pint – £2.25 (at Wetherspoons)

Kebab – £4.80 (JustEat)

Cab – £5.50 (Uber)

James McCaffrey for TotallyMoney said: "Studying the cost of rent, coffees, accommodation, cinema tickets and cabs might seem trivial, but cost of living can influence where someone chooses to study.

"And while university is a time for lectures, learning and preparing for the world of work, it may also be the first time many young adults experience managing their finances.

I suppose all the money saved can be spent on VK's…..