Competition for Notts students to travel as far away from the uni as possible…for free

Where can I sign up!?

We've all threatened to take a spontaneous holiday and escape uni work at some point, but lack of money holds us back from splashing out on a Boots meal deal, let alone getting on a plane.

The Great Escape is a competition for students to travel as far away from Nottingham as they can, using anyone's money but their own.

Students form a team of 2-4, then have 36 hours to raise money for a free holiday. The current record holders for The University of Nottingham got all the way to Dubai.

All that's required is a £10 sign up fee and a minimum of £75 raised per team member as sponsorship from family and friends prior to setting off.

Then comes the real test, as you have 36 hours to raise money from strangers. Teams are encouraged to be as inventive as they like when it comes to fundraising.

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Sense Events team members are Nottingham students

The Great Escape is run by Sense Events, a group of uni of Notts students, and all money raised goes toward funding social enterprises that operate around Nottingham, the UK and internationally.

A member from Sense Events said, "If you think you’re an expert at winging it, then this is just the challenge for you. You can use your ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ skills to both have a free holiday and raise money for some great causes!"

The team that travels the furthest will win a free holiday, with other prizes to be won too for teams who took the best photos and videos, raised the most money, and travelled to a county no student has gone to before in the competition .

You can sign up online on the Sense Events website, or find out more at ‘The Great Escape’ on Facebook.

The deadline to apply is 1st November!