This Beeston student house received a random delivery of 90 eggs

Get! That! Protein!

A house of 8 students were left bemused when 90 eggs were delivered to their doorstep on Wednesday evening.

At 8:45pm on Wednesday, an Asda delivery arrived at a student house in Beeston. The delivery consisted of 90 eggs only, nothing else. Housemates were left confused as none of them had placed such an order.

The eggs are caged and cost about £10.

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Gemma Armstrong, one of the eggate victims, said 'One by one, everyone started gathering at the door as the shouts went through the house of “90 EGGS!”

"We were all standing there puzzled and even asked him to take them back. We were sure he had the wrong house.

"The delivery man seemed amused that all 8 of us had no idea why 90 eggs had turned up at our house."

Originally the housemates thought they'd ordered the eggs drunk at a football match, but it turns out that wasn't the case.

The house of 8 were already stocked up on eggs, so the delivery has led to a total of over 100 eggs. The housemates are thinking of using the eggs for making "many omelettes, scrambled egg, baking and carbonara".

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Gemma went on to say that because they live in Beeston "nothing very exciting happens around us apart from how often we have problems with the house.

"I think this may be the highlight of our week if not the term.
We all stood in the kitchen staring at the eggs for a long time wondering what to do…"

The Asda delivery used one of the housemate's name and a different housemate's phone number, so they suspect it's a prank from their friends…and what a cracking prank it is.