Geese storm UoN campus in a way Area 51 raiders could only dream of

En route to Goose Fair

Pictures show a large gaggle of geese waddling down the road outside Portland in a "very orderly British manner".

David Foster, assistant professor in Law at the University, took this picture before lectures started on Tuesday morning.

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He described the 40+ geese as causing "total gridlock” while they walked in perfect formation along East Drive next to the lake where they reside.

He said: "It was quite a sight, the image has got quite a reaction, a lot of people are finding it rather amusing. There were about 40 of them.

"I took it as I arrived for work and they were moving along in almost a queue-like fashion in a very British orderly manner."

Just in time for the Goose Fair that's returned to Nottingham Forest Recreation Ground today!

Image credit: SWNS