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Lenton student parties are so loose that kids are failing school, warn the council

Tenants could be forced to leave their property if found guilty of holding “anti-social” house parties

A letter sent out to all residents of Lenton has threatened action against students for holding "late night house parties", causing "serious nuisance to residents throughout the night".

Nottingham council's Community Protection Service (CPS) has vowed to tackle anti-social behaviour arising from loud pre-drinks and "large-scale house parties", of which Lenton is infamous for.

The letter informs that the council have the power to issue the "closure of a property for up to 3 months" preventing access to residents of the address, apply for Civil Injunctions against individual tenants resulting in a custodial sentence, and reporting behaviour to landlords and the students' unions.

The council "urged [students] to think again" if they are planning to hold a house party or "engaging in any form of anti-social beheaviour". Despite this, the letter has not clearly detailed what anti-social behaviour constitutes.

Read the letter below:

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A similar council letter, sent in 2017, to students in Lenton, discusses issues of a "corrosive" nature concerning "anti-social behaviour attached to large scale house parties" in the student neighbourhood.

The then-Chief Antisocial Beheaviour Officer of the council, Richard Artcliff, blamed parties held by students for "loss of sleep, matrimonial breakdowns, and children's education being harmed".