Pensioner handed community service for killing Nottingham student in 2017 traffic accident

He is banned from driving for 15 months and has an evening curfew imposed

Gordon Jackson pleaded guilty to killing a student at the University of Nottingham, Andrew Robertson, on March 30 2017, who died by a traffic light falling on him.

Andrew was a second year Biochemistry student, described as ‘strong, smart, independent, kind and caring’. The incident happened on the A52 road in Lenton.

Jackson hit a traffic light whilst reversing along Derby Road in front of a camper van. His car then hit Andrew, causing him to fly through the air, landing 10m in front on Derby Road.

The driving manoeuvre that resulted in the collision was described as ‘unnecessary’ and Judge Sally Hancox said Jackson’s driving ‘fell below that of a careful and competent driver’.

As punishment, the judge has given Jackson an 18 month community order for causing the death of Andrew through ‘careless driving’.

He was also banned from driving for 15 months, required to pass another driving test and had a six month curfew imposed on him between the hours of 6pm and 8pm.