This Sherwood fresher snuck her DOG into halls overnight and got away with it

She didn’t even get fined

Zelah Glasson, a first year English student, made the brave decision to sneak her dog, Dante, into halls overnight with her…and it worked.

Her mum was staying in the De Vere Hotel, so Dante and had to stay somewhere else. Zelah thought she should give him "the full Notts uni experience" and let him stay with her.

Dante, Zelah's Sprocker Spaniel, stayed in halls 1st-2nd May. He managed to last the whole night without getting kicked out, despite him barking and a tutor coming to investigate.

When asked to comment on the whole experience, Zelah told The Tab: "all I can say is dogs and halls are a bad idea unless your dog knows how to keep his mouth shut. I don't know how I didn't get fined!"

It all starts off with a trip to Vespa, Willoughby Hall's student bar

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Must be a tricky one without any ID, so good luck with that.

Quick to adapt to student life, Dante is soon on the bevs

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27 Jägerbombs and I'd be in QMC.

After a successful social, Dante and Zelah head back to Sherwood Halls

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Honestly, how can this good boy not be everyone's favourite?

They both make it back to Zelah's room without being seen

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Such a risky game – I'm not holding out much hope tbh.

Zelah quickly realises that sharing her room makes everything a little less spacious

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Dogs really don't understand the concept of privacy.

Then disaster strikes

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My student loan is screaming at the thought of a fine.

But it is soon resolved, and what's more, Dante is allowed to stay!

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Who could say no to a dog though?

They narrowly escape a hefty fine

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Honestly, we are asking ourselves the same question.

Dante then falls asleep in Sherwood Hall

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Pizza cravings and stress naps – Dante already has student life down to a tee.

Against the odds, they both make it out the following day to tell the tale!

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That's one crazy story (although I'm still not sure how you managed it).