Notts BNOC of the year 2019: The FINAL

Who will you crown the winner?

This is it, what you've all been waiting for: the final round of BNOC 2019.

Winner of round one: Megan Rogerson

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"I am like tinker bell because I need attention to live"

Coming first in her round with 41.37% of the votes, here is why Megan thinks you should vote for her:

"As the only girl in the whole competition, I should win bnoc of the year for the girls of UoN !! My involvement with absolutely everything I possibly could makes me the perfect person to win this award, it’ll fit nicely with all my others.

"As this is my third time on the tab this year I really believe that I belong here so please, I was beaten by a man in the SU elections but let’s prove this isn’t a mans world!!!!"

Winner of round two: Yash Doshi

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Winning his round by 53.56% of the votes, here is why Yash thinks he should get your vote:

"Whilst I am always about in BCL in Rock City every Wednesday night, during the days you can often find me in George Green, Hallward, QMC wherever.

"As I ended the final weeks of my time in Nottingham it’s time to finish what I started, complete the chapter and end it. Vote for me as your BNOC for 2019!"

Winner of round three: Ethan Smallwood

Winning his round with 57.91% of the votes, here is why Ethan thinks you should crown him BNOC:

"In the last round I overcame tough odds to end up as one of your finalists. Nottingham’s answer to Ruiz Jr, I managed to overcome the Anthony Joshua that was Bertie the cat in the third round.

"For those not into boxing, think of me as the Tyrion Lannister of Nottingham, not much hope at the start but ending up on top in the end. To paraphrase the great man himself, my name is Ethan Smallwood, I drink and I know things."

Vote wisely and vote once, who will you crown the winner of BNOC of the year 2019?