Notts BNOC of the Year 2019: Round Three

This is it, the final round

Welcome to the third and final round of BNOC candidates for 2019. Here they are:

Rushi Pandit, third year, Economics

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Rushi is the current President of Cripps Hall and was last years social sec. He is an asset to the students of Nottingham as he is both a course rep for Economics and is part of the scrutiny panel that holds all full-time Officers and the Environment and Social Justice Officer to account on their remit, manifesto, and policy. If you haven't lived in Cripps, you may know him from his campaign to become the SU Activities Officer or seen him in the R&B room in Pom Pom as he "hasn't missed a Pom Pom Thursday this year". In fact, friends have been known to say to him: “one mutual friend – Rushi Pandit”

Bertie, graduated, Library Studies

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Bertie was a former resident at Hallward Library and, even in his absence, remains one of the most famous names on University Park campus. Hundreds of students used to visit him daily – with many taking photos of him and posting it on their social media. He even had people queuing at the entrance to Hallward, just to attend his meet and greet! Bertie has been through it all; he was the victim of a hostage and was almost deported to France. The Tab tried contacting Bertie for a quote but he is yet to get back to us. However, his true heroism and resilience makes him a worthy contestant for Notts BNOC 2019.

Ethan Smallwood, third year, Medicine

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Describing himself as "Mr Instagram", Ethan already has over 100k devoted followers who follow his travels around the world. He's pictured in New York, Dubai, Thailand, Bangkok and many a CRISIS night. Earlier this year, he was crowned Medicine BNOC at their ball and he's now looking to gain uni-wide recognition for his BNOC status. According to Ethan, he's "always up for a social [and can be found] in CRISIS most weeks". He'll often be found "buying drinks for the whole bar", so head his way for a free VK. If he's not in the club, you'll find him saving lives at QMC.

Matthew Thomas, second year, Chemical Engineering.

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Matthew has "always considered [him]self to be a popular lad" and is "always getting bought drinks on nights out". Being the social sec for Powerlifting has also raised his profile and makes him a worthy BNOC candidate. Winning BNOC 2019 would just add to his already growing fame. In his own words: "I'm already the most well-known man, not just on campus, but in Nottingham."

There you have it, the last of our 2019 candidates. All polls close on June 1st so get voting!