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A spa is opening at David Ross gym to cure your post exam needs

A new Health & Wellbeing Suite is coming to Notts

Possibly the best news we could get through exam period is that we are getting a fancy new edition to our gym – a spa!

At the end of May a brand new area designed for health, well-being and recovery is coming to David Ross.

The suites will feature a Finnish sauna and steam room (ideal for sweating away your problems whilst relaxing your muscles) and a perfect ending to a gruelling spin class.

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For the brave, there will be an 'arctic ice fountain' and ice-cold showers…not quite as relaxing as a sauna room but still cool (haha).

For members the suite is priced at £4.50 and for non-members the price is £6.50.

There is also an added focus and development coming to Mind & Body classes, as the sports centre have listened to our demands for sessions focusing on relieving physical and mental tension.

There will also be a range of Yoga classes and an extended offer on Pilates – we have no excuse not to get our summer bodies this year.

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This could be you & your pals this summer

David Ross has also introduced a Men's Health Active which builds on the successes of the Girl's Night sessions, offering students more opportunities to care for their well being.

Director of Sport Dan Tilley has commented on the developments saying “Recent research and insight in the health sector has really highlighted how important not just physical, but mental health is to our overall wellbeing. It’s really important for University of Nottingham Sport to invest in facilities that meet the needs of our community and this facility allows us to grow and diversify our offer.”

This new development adds an extra level of well being and recovery, which will give us all a reason to hit the gym this year!

To book a taster session or learn more, visit