RSPCA Radcliffe released a video of Bertie urging someone to adopt him

His current owner can no longer look after him

A few hours ago RSPCA Radcliffe released a Vimeo of Bertie explaining the beloved cat is up for adoption once again after getting into fights with other village cats.

The video, accompanied by a nostalgic instrumental, reflects on Bertie's history at Nottingham University and then introduces us to Simon, his current adoptive owner.

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In a loving compilation of the pair together, Simon explains that "whilst [Bertie] loves people, he's got into a couple fights with cats in the village."

To avoid Bertie getting into fights, Simon had to keep him inside because of how "intolerant to other cats" he was.

Although Simon is "desperately sad" to see Bertie go, he says that "as much as we'd like to keep him, the right thing is to find a home where he's got more freedom and can go outside".

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Simon suggests the best home would be one "remote" or even "a stable yard", so that Bertie has got "freedom to roam".

Bertie's intolerance to other cats doesn't come as a surprise because it was the reason the original local couple who adopted him had to give him up.

Let's hope our University mascot and furry friend can find a home far away from other cats.

You can watch the video below: