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Vote for Nottingham’s Hottest Single: Heat three

I know, I know. You love hot people


It’s almost Easter break and many of you are packing to go home. But why not look at what our hottest singletons are packing!

Toby Davies

On the right.

Toby’s mates have said “he serves sass, ass, and is full of class. I really fancy him, wish he wasn’t gay”.

Toby told us “I am fun, fruity and a whole lot of booty”. Hopefully we can find Toby a man who loves his ass more than he does and also come up with a better slogan.

Instagram: @tobydavies1

Nayiri Houldsworth

Nayiri’s friends have said “Her bum is AMAZINGGG. She deserves it because she has the most beautiful smile. She lights up the room when she enters it. I love her and I want to marry her”. As moist as this paragraph is, it’s very cute.

Nayiri wants you to vote for her because she “lost out at prom and #stillbitter – vote for my redemption”.

Instagram: @nayiri_houldsworth

James Richards

Why vote for James? Well apparently “He’s the hottest 100%”.

“He’s been doing his bit with the women of uni of AND Trent and spreading the love”. It’s so nice to see James is keen on charity work if he’s spreading the love to Trent.

Instagram: @jamesrichard5