Andy Hoe to create ‘Yeeting Zone’ in Ocean for safe VK yeeting

Andy Hoe’s new initiative to combat violent yeeting

Ocean nightclub are pleased to announce that a designated “Yeeting Zone” is going to be established to solve the problem of dangerous VK bottle yeeting.

This comes after unsuspecting Notts students have fallen victim to having bottles thrown in their face. Many have left the club with bruises or even blood running down their face.

Having been exasperated in recent weeks by students throwing bottles across the dance floor, Andy Hoe took to Instagram to unveil his plan, which will be in operation from Friday 5th April.

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The “Yeeting Zone” will allow clubbers to safely throw VKs, which must be downed at the bar upon purchased.

The area will be cordoned-off and situated on the upstairs balcony. Two bouncers will be there at all times to ensure that the VK bottles are empty and that safe yeeting is taking place.

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Speaking to The Tab, he stated: “I didn’t know yeeting was so popular until it started getting flagged up to me. I was getting DMed pictures of students with bruises and blood on their face.

"My main priority is that any student in my club has a good time, but there is a boundary and I definitely don’t want anyone to get hurt. This is my solution."

He hopes that this new arrangement will allow clubbers to yeet their VKs, whilst ensuring that other clubbers stay safe.

Oh and one more thing…check today's date!