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Vote for Nottingham’s Hottest Single: Round Two

Who’s a 10 in a world full of 1’s?


Shouldn't you be focussing on your coursework that's due on Monday? Of course not. Here are 3 more sexy singetons for you to be distracted by. Cast your vote below for round two:

Hettie Moore

Hettie describes herself as “a bilingual babe who cares about more than just crisis 😉 I go from 0 to 7 with a slap of makeup and a swig of Listerine".

Hettie "stands out from the crowd by always being super extra".

What Moore could you ask for (I couldn't miss the opportunity).

Instagram: @hettiemoore

Joshua Arimoro

Joshua sure knows how to big himself up. "Did you know I DJ for applebum… DJ tayo is the name rugby is the game… yeh you heard me, I play first team rugby (sometimes). I’m best described as galaxy, so if you like a bit of smooth chocolate then I'm you're guy. I guess its sorted, I'm you're hottest single".

Well there you go, I guess it is sorted.

Instagram: @itsjosh812

Georgia Matthews

Georgia has been decribed as someone who's “thirstier than a plant in a drought”.

"Vote for me bcos I'll use the money from my future modelling career to set up a charity to help older women find the younger man of their dreams – just 1 vote can save the life of a cougar like me".

It's so selfless of Georgia to set up such an inspirational charity. A cougar in need is a thirsty one indeed.

Instagram: @georgiamathews_

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