Sustainability Week sale for the University’s bike hire scheme

U-cycle have cut prices from £39 a semester to £30

U-cycle are the official Nottingham bike hire company at the University of Nottingham.

It offers bike hire to students and staff all year long, providing good quality bikes to make campus travel easy and reliable.

As part of sustainability week, which began on the 25th, U-cycle are cutting prices from £39 to £30 to pay for the semester.

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U-cycle information stall in Portland 9-5 Wednesday – Friday

The bikes are a greener alternative to other transport, like cars, cheaper than the city bus, and quicker than walking.

A spokesperson for U-cycle said "A University of Nottingham student or staff member swapping from the bus to U-cycle contributes around 80% less CO2 per year.

"That's 39.6 kg of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere. U-cycle have prevented 1.78 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere."

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U-cycle is a non-profit organisation and all money raised goes to helping disadvantaged people through the creation of sustainable businesses.

It is part of Enactus Nottingham, a student led organisation running social enterprises locally and internationally, transforming lives through the power of business.