Teaching and Learning Building set to be named after important women NOT Bertie

Cue inspirational Ariana Grande music

To mark International Women's Day the University have decided to name the Teaching and Learning Centre after a "woman who has made a significant contribution to teaching, learning or research in either Nottingham or British history".

Students will have the opportunity along with staff to vote for a woman they think is deserving of this honour before it is put before the official University Executive Board – Dani from Love Island anyone?

Professor Sarah Sharples, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, has been instrumental in the decision and deserve major recognition for their role in the decision. Sharp said "I hope that the name, once chosen, will inspire students and teaching staff in the years to come"

However, don't pose outside with your girls for that inspirational insta just yet. Incumbent-SU President James Pheasey, during his campaign two weeks ago, championed a manifesto point have the building dedicated to our Nottingham national treasure, Bertie.

James wants the building to be named the Bertie Building – arguably a fitting recognition of our catnapped friend that was so instrumental in the hype that contributed to more than one 2:2 and epic memes.

His half-joke, half-serious manifesto point in his campaign read: 'And Finally: Rename Teaching & Learning Building ‘The Bertie Building’. Or at least the Hallward Entrance to ‘The Bertie Atrium’.

Talking to The Nottingham Tab, James said "this manifesto point was far more lighthearted than my others. It wasn't a joke though, I have every intention to see it through.

"I welcome the great news that came on International Womens Day about renaming the building to celebrate a Nottingham woman. I think that this is an amazing idea. It's crazy how many buildings on campus are named after men, and it's about time for that lack of representation to change.

"As such I will push for the latter option in my manifesto point, regarding the Hallward Entrance."

Professor Sarah Sharples notes that "a long list of names will be drawn up for staff and students to consider and vote on. The votes will then be taken to a representative group of staff and students for a shortlist and formal recommendation to University Executive Board.