Find out the mystery behind Mystic Meg and her run for SU President

Students wellbeing and welfare is at the forefront of her campaign

Megan Rogerson, third year English Literature and Language student, is running for the role of SU President.

We spoke to her to find out why she thinks she would be the ideal candidate. This is what we found out.

What do you hope to do in your year as President?

During my year as President, I hope to achieve as many of my manifesto points as possible by representing the 33,000 students that study at the University of Nottingham UK Campus. My three main manifesto points are: Campus Unity, Wellbeing and Welfare, and Rewards and Recognition.

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How do you plan to execute those points?

Within the first point I hope to encourage students to visit Jubilee and Sutton Bonington campuses by working and liaising with the staff and Junior Common Room Committees to promote events on these campuses.

I also want to speak to the university about organising more frequent hopper buses to the farmer's market at Sutton Bonington so we can encourage more students to visit there and support the local community.

Finally, I want to offer opportunities to the students at Sutton Bonington and Jubilee to speak to their officer team in person by doing fortnightly drop in sessions at these campuses so their issues, concerns, or positive comments can be raised in a personal situation.

In the bracket of wellbeing and welfare, I would like to offer communal microwaves and kettles so students can prepare food if they have to spend a prolonged period in the library or on campus and also promote the Welcome Zone and the Studio as relaxation zones on campus where people can go between lectures as an alternative to the library.

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I also want to implement compulsory mental health training for all committee members so they can support their members in all manners including other committee members. Finally, I want to continue the work of Zoe Mackenzie from this year and look into the misconduct of bouncers and nightclubs to ensure Nottingham is a safe place to go in the evenings.

My final point centres around rewards and recognition. I want to recognise the work of societies and student run services and implement a reward scheme of "Society/SRS of the Month".

I also would like to have a bigger social media presence with the Students' Union social media platforms and media channels such as Impact, URN and NSTV related to the activities of the societies, SRS' and other student run projects. Lastly, I want to create a rewards system that recognises everyone in the Students' Union including staff, SRS', societies, and student staff.

What point would you say is your main focus?

I really would like to focus on the wellbeing and welfare point and put welfare at the forefront of change. The wellbeing and welfare of our students is so important and I really want to ensure that university is a happy place for all of them!

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What was the idea behind 'Mystic Meg'?

It's the future of the SU! I really wanted the campaign to be fun and light hearted as the SU is meant to aid students in having an enjoyable time at university. As well as the manifestos and the serious change I want to make, I also wanted to show the fun side of me!

Megan's manifesto:

1. Campus Unity

2. Well-being and Welfare

3. Rewards and Recognition