This crazy cat wants to be Notts SU President and ABOLISH the role of President

He also wants to rename T&L to the ‘Bertie Building’

James Pheasey, fourth year Philosophy student, is campaigning for the role of SU President, but his manifesto is a little different to what you'd expect.

In his manifesto, James has listed 'abolish the role of SU President' as one of his major goals.

Calling the role of president "vague" and "unhelpful", James said "it's really hard to figure out what the role does, other than be a 'figurehead'."

We interviewed James to find out exactly why he wants this role abolished, and what else he has up his sleeves.

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Why exactly do you want to abolish the role of SU President?

"At the moment the President role is vague and ambiguous in the Union by-laws and all that kind of governance documents.

"It is bad for the democratic process too. President manifestos are often just vague promises around buzzwords, and this can be gotten away with due to the nature of the President role.

"I propose reforming this into a Union Development officer as they have (or have equivalents) elsewhere. This will make a really specific role that can be more focused and thus more effective."

What would the Union Development Officer do differently to the President other than have a new title?

"The Union Development Officer would focus on the development of the Union as a whole. This is how I have styled my manifesto, such that it has specific points to develop the union, each one being a tangible and 'Pheasible' goal.

"It would be more like making a new role which will adopt a lot of the tasks the president currently does, but it's definitely not a simple re-brand of the name! That wouldn't solve the problems at the heart of thee issue which is what I'd like to do.

"The role would also have more force to make the changes that it is set out to do as it is specifically mandated to do so. This is essentially a new role to replace president, but not a carbon copy with a different name."

Is becoming President a matter of popularity or because students care about it?

"I think people care. Sometimes for the right reasons sometimes for popularity. The issue with President specifically on that links back to the stuff I've explained previously. The abolition of the role and the new role would be allow people to vote based more on tangible specific promises, rather than vague buzzwordy categories.

"Despite all this: I've put a manifesto forward that I believe in, everything on it is Pheasible, and I have the skills and expertise to deliver. I have the confidence in the members of UoNSU to see that on vote based on that."

Talk me through why the Bertie Building needs to be done

"The Bertie Building is a great one, everyone loves Bertie, and while he is definitely in a better place having now been adopted by a Nottingham based family, it'd still be cool to name something after him.

As I say in the manifesto renaming the Hallward entrance the Bertie Atrium is also something that I think would be cool, or the cafe 'Bertie Bites'. But yeah T&L Building is a naff name!"

James's manifesto:

1. Living wage for SU staff

2. SU Presence in Lenton

3. SU presence on satellite campuses

4. Full-time International Officer

5. Employment of Part-time Officers

6. Review and Restructure of the Network System

7. Union Council Reform

8. Review of President Role

9. SU Info Booklet

10. Rename Teaching & Learning Building, ‘The Bertie Building’.