Make the most of your birthday with these freebies in Notts

A list of birthday freebies in Notts that everyone needs to know about, but have somehow slipped under the radar!

We all know that saving money and bargain hunting is part of being a student, so who doesn’t want to be treated with free food and drinks on their birthday?

Lots of companies, mostly restaurant based, offer free goodies as a promotion ploy, but we reckon you can work your way round town and go home being full up and stocked with treats.

Although a lot of these offers are in condition with other purchases like a 'when you buy…' or 'if you order this…' catch, there are a few that are simply free giveaways.

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Foodie freebies

Bar Burrito

At Bar Burrito you can get a free burrito on your birthday if you sign up as a member on their app, naked or otherwise, with no strings attached.


Greggs offer a free sweet treat, if you download their free rewards app, including a choice of cakes, doughnuts and creamy pastries.

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They offer the birthday boy or girl a free meal when two or more people order full priced main courses, as well as a free bottle of prosecco when four our more people order mains, and these offers can be COMBINED! (after signing up to the Zizzi mailing list)

Las Iguanas and Frankie & Benny's

Others also offer a FREE MAIN like at Las Iguanas or Frankie & Benny’s after signing up to their mailing lists or rewards scheme, and when at least one other meal has been purchased.

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Free drinks

All Bar One

Here they offer exclusive birthday freebies such as a free bottle of prosecco after downloading the app, but unfortunately it's only valid for parties of four or more, so get some of your mates together and get that free bottle!

Be At One

Although this isn't a specific birthday freebie, it is still a gooden! Download the Be At One app and enjoy a free £5 cocktail!

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Prezzo and Pizza Express

Both offer a free bottle of prosecco when buying at least two main meals on your birthday!

TGI Fridays

FREE cocktail OR dessert each for a group of up to 6 when all buying a main course at TGI Fridays.

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Hungry Horse

FREE DRINK with no conditions at Hungry Horse pubs after signing up at least 28 days before your birthday to the Hungry Horse newsletter.

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Water's Edge, Castle Marina


Kaspa's Desserts give away a free milkshake by simply showing your ID and proving it's your big day!

Ed's Easy Diner

A free milkshake is also available on your birthday after becoming an Ed's Club member at Ed's Easy Diner, as well as already having 30 per cent off for students.

So make sure you don't miss out on these birthday hacks, make it a crawl and you may even have a full meal by the end of it!