A definitive guide to combating homesickness and understanding feelings at uni

The tips and tricks to help you feel more comfortable and happy

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Homesickness is the distress caused by being away from home, creating anxious and depressive feelings that can ruin your university experience. However, you are not alone.

Homesickness is profoundly common at university, up to 70% of students feel anxious, showing how normal this feeling of uneasiness is. The majority of people feel unsettled with the change Uni involves, everyone has felt it.

The spring university term at Nottingham is one of the longest, returning home mid-April students have to cope with feelings of homesickness. It is comforting to know everyone has to work through this time away from home together, and that we can all help one another.

Fear not, here is a little guide to help YOU battle those horrible feelings and thoughts:

Your feelings are normal

Homesickness is an incredibly normal emotion. The change University brings can be daunting. Speaking to friends in your halls, flat or house can help you understand just how normal these feelings are. The discomfort you are feeling is temporary, it will pass!

Call or visit home

In moderation, recharge yourself by keeping in contact with your family and friends back home. Plan weekend visits or phone calls every couple of weeks when you feel under pressure. Going home a lot can be counterproductive, so make sure you have a good uni and home balance!

Be active

A very common but highly important hack to life is being active. Join David Ross or Jubilee gym. Do gym classes. Go swimming. Do anything you could find fun! Joining a society is a great start to a more healthier mental and psychical you. You can make new friends and find out new hobbies. It is never too late to join a sports society, check out the student union website to see what is available!

Attend your lectures & get out of your room

We all know how hard attending uni is. Having to constantly walk up Portland hill can really drag and those pesky 9ams. However, keeping yourself busy and active is a really good start to combating these feelings. Don't lock yourself in your room watching netflix, get out and learn new things.

Be organised

Making sure your room is tidy and your week is planned is a great start to getting ahead of your feelings. Your room reflects your state of mind, so giving it a quick clean every now and then is a brilliant, simple start to feeling better.

Get a whiteboard! (I swear by this), it is a visual representation of the month ahead and is really fun to use.

Try not to get behind on work, and if you are make sure you plan revision sessions or check out George Green or Hallward library.

Bring home comforts

Whatever your comfort objects are, bring them to University to ease the transition from home which will also make your room much more homely. Bring a cuddly toy, photo album or even kidnap your family pet. Whatever can help cheer you up when you are low.

Reach out

This is a vital part to challenging homesick feelings. Talk to friends, talk to family, talk to people online. Expressing your feelings can help you understand them, and people may also disclose their similar ones.

The University of Nottingham offers tons of help for students struggling which you can easily sign up to or find out more information.

Nottingham Nightline – 0115 9514985

The University Counselling Service – +44 (0) 115 951 3695

The University is always there to help you, please get in touch if you are feeling homesick or worried as they can help you combat this.

You are not alone, this feeling is completely common and hopefully these 7 tips can help you enjoy your Uni experience to the fullest.