How to have your Valentine’s date in between lectures

Love is in the air, or Portland?

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You’re sitting with all your girlfriends in your room and the guy who has been giving you mixed signals past few weeks after casually drunk hook-ups finally ask you out.

However, it's Thursday, coincidentally Valentines Day, and you're scheduled in for a full day of grueling lectures. What now, anxiety attack? You’ve nothing planned off and a date on C floor in George Green doesn't usually evoke romantic or sexual feelings.

Don’t worry, we have you covered, and you won’t even need to leave campus for your perfect romantic evening! To save your ass, we've listed each and every great date idea that you have in between your lectures on Feb 14:

Kiss him under the tunnel

Who knew the University of Nottingham had a secret tunnel that would take you straight to the Trent lake? More importantly, who knew it would be plagued by the ghosts of freshers that have naively lost their way forever in the deep underground catacombs of Portland Building.

Add some spook to your romantic evening, kiss him under the tunnel and end your date at the Trent-Café with the most beautiful view ever. Trust me. (It took me three days to find this elusive spot. Hint : it’s near the coffee place)

Woo him in Djanogly music theatre

Here is your perfect opportunity to impress your partner with your musical talents, or if you lack these, then try to aimlessly string together some notes to woo your opposite half.

For today, break the boring-norm, dedicate a song, wear your prettiest red dress. At a close location to most of your seminars on UP, you can always take a quick detour and jazz up your day. More importantly, you get to see grumpy music students complaining because you took their practice room.

The perfect evening at the Lake Side Studio

Arguably one of the most romantic places in the university, where you can watch the swans dwaddle and enjoy a cuppa with your date for the evening.

Create your own midnight in Paris with a nice chocolate (something) cake and a latte. Alas, make sure to not pet the swans as they have been known to viciously attack humans who do not show it respect and adoration. Unless, a visit to QMC seems appropriate for the day of love

Binge Netflix in Hallward's cinema

My idea of a perfect date consists of a large bowl of popcorn, so why not cop two bags from SPAR, and head off to UP’s own dedicated movie theatre in Hallward.

Lalaland is currently on Netflix, so is Fifty-Shades Darker, and you can bask in all the ways you are inadequate compared to the romantic chemistry that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling possess. Who needs Netflix and chill when you have Hallward Screening Room and pull?

A romantic swim to finally make use of your membership

Nothing says romance more than you having to save your partner from certain death by drowning. You can always humiliate their lack of swimming finesse by pointing out the lessors that David Ross routinely holds to teach swimming to adults.

An alternative to getting wet and maybe drowning? A walk on the treadmills while holding hands could also work.

And at last end your date at Mooch

Ah Mooch, a campus staple. Create your ideal date with a ton of chicken nuggets and SPAR donuts, because here is where you really test your love.

If he loves you while stuffing three chicken wings into your mouth, it means he’s in it for the long haul. Some cocktails are always an option, although it is not guaranteed that you will safely arrive at your lecture post-consumption. But who needs knowledge and education anyway when you've got love?