There is a petition to rename the River Trent to River University of Nottingham

Is this rivalry that worth it?

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A petition has been created to rename the River Trent, England's third longest river which runs through Nottingham and south of University Park campus, to River University of Nottingham.

The petition, started by first year student, Siddhartha Mishra, currently has close to 50 signatures as of tonight. The description of the petition reads ‘I mean, it’s clearly a better name and a better uni’.

Is this a ploy to enact change in Nottingham's geopolitical environment? Maybe. Mishra has petitioned Theresa May and Google to force this renaming into effect, hoping that Uni of will be able to regain control over the cities territory.

I know for sure that renaming the river is a sure fire way of establishing Uni of's dominance over their former polytechnic counterpart. If you want to help in this fiery movement, click here for the petition.