Confirmed: Spicy Meatball Paninis have been DISCONTINUED at George Green

They have been replaced by Chicken and Pesto

It's official, spicy meatball paninis have been discontinued at the George Green Library and Notts students are outraged.

The news was announced by Josh Beale, a second year Natural Sciences student, shortly after he tried to purchase the panini in question from the George Green cafe.

Josh told The Tab: "I just went to buy one and [one of the members of cafe staff] said they don't do it anymore.

"I asked if it was forever and she gave me a sad face and confirmed."

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According to the cafe staff, Nottingham Uni have changed supplier, which means our beloved spicy meatball panini will no longer be available.

Instead, they are being replaced by Chicken and Pesto paninis, which (let's be honest) do sound pretty lit.

However, we're still yet to see whether this new panini lives up to the mighty spicy meatball.

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