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We spoke to the Notts student behind BaeBoxx: a monthly menstrual care package

“Bring periods into the 21st century”

BaeBoxx is a monthly subscription service where you will receive a menstrual care package delivered to your door once a month.

The package contains sanitary products, sweet treats, pamper products and more “to help you through your period ups and downs, to pamper and care for you and to bring periods into the 21st century”.

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The Tab Nottingham spoke to the Notts student behind the company: Deaven Ellis-McAuslan. She started the subscription service because she said that there is “such a gap in the market and periods still to this day hold a negative stigma”.

One of her aims is to eradicate this negative stigma and make periods an enjoyable experience with “that time of the month something to look forward to – as opposed to dread”.

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Deaven is passionate about making talking about periods a normality, as opposed to something that should be discussed in hushed tones. She highlights that “periods are rarely spoken about and even though we are in the 21st century, the stigma still remains, and millions of young women globally still lack access to proper sanitation”.

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Unfortunately, buying sanitary products is a monthly task for most females and is usually a painfully boring one. Deaven feels that “turning it into a subscription box where you can have everything you need delivered to your door like a care package is the way of making having to pay for sanitary products something worthwhile and deserving”, especially if the products come alongside other exciting treats!

The subscription boxes were launched in July of last year and have been doing well, they are retailed at £7.99, or you can buy a taster box for just £5.99.

They are delivered straight to your door, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to buy sanitary products each month. “When you sign up for a BaeBoxx, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected products and hand-made goodies. These are personally hand-picked to create a tailor-made care package for your needs”.

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As the service grows Deaven aims to one day be able to “donate £1 from every box purchased to help the girls and women who cannot afford their own menstruation products”.