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Bertie up for adoption as he rejects his French persona as Arthur

Bertie’s not being shipped to France after all

We are only two months into 2019 and have already experienced one of the most dramatic sagas Notts uni has seen a while: the disappearance of our beloved library cat, Bertie.

Last month, it was revealed that Bertie had been taken in by a local Beeston couple. Since then, Notts students have been up in arms and have petitioned to bring Bertie back to Hallward.

But it seems this petition may not be needed after all.

An announcement made today by the university brought a new and very dramatic twist, with the revelation that Bertie is NOT going to France and is now up for adoption.

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Bertie sleeping in his Beeston home

When Bertie was taken in by the Beeston couple, he was in a very bad physical state and infested with fleas. Vets believe he was abandoned.

Due to his age and declining health, the decision has been made that Bertie needs to be re-homed locally rather than being moved away to France.

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Bertie alongside Julia's cats

As much as we might disagree with Julia and Antoine's actions to take Bertie away from Hallward, it is undeniable that they have saved his life.

Not only did they seek veterinary support to care for Bertie but they offered him a loving home.

The fact that their other cats fought with him was nothing they could control, so the decision to take him to the RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre must have been very difficult and upsetting for them.

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Bertie is now looking for a home with no other animals and a loving owner to be responsible for ensuring his good health and caring for his welfare.

Hallward library staff have already donated £200 to the animal shelter to assist in supporting Bertie and other animals in the same position.

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So there's hope that Bertie can return to Hallward after all!

Someone just needs to take one for the team and adopt him – although most of us can't even look after a potted plant, let alone a cat.

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