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THE MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED: Bertie has been fostered by a local couple

They plan to take him back to FRANCE


Here is the dramatic conclusion to Bertie's disappearance that we've all been waiting for, but also didn't expect.

Good news is that he has been found, alive.

The bad news is that he has been taken away from us by local Nottingham couple, Julia Boris and her husband Antoine.

Not only have they renamed our beloved Bertie to Arthur but they have also made us aware of plans to TAKE HIM BACK TO FRANCE with them in July.

Everyone at Notts is up in arms about the situation.

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Bertie with his new housemates

In an unexpected post to 'Bertie the Hallward Cat' Facebook group, Julia came forward and stated that she had taken Bert into her care.

She justified her actions, saying "given his state" it was clear he had been a stray or abandoned. When they took him to the vets, he was infested with fleas and worms and also has no microchip. It is assumed he is about 4 or 5 years old.

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He should be sleeping in the Hallward Library flower pots!

The couple found Bertie in the Hallward Library entrance on 6th January. He has been staying with them locally ever since.

Julia told The Tab: "we've been giving him Dreamies, petting him and seeing him on campus since our arrival in September. We already have two cats and we are more-than-fond of animals (as vegetarians) so it was easy to bond!"

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The couple returned to Hallward tonight, for the first time since fostering Bertie. Julia confirmed that they immediately "told the staff lady that [they] adopted him."

The staff at Hallward library told them to visit Bertie's Facebook page and tell people that he was safe. That was how they discovered how much he is loved by all the UoN students.

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This photo was taken on the day they fostered him. Julia stated that she was "waiting for [her] husband to bring the carrier and [Bertie] just sat on [Julia] purring"

She said she would be "more than happy" to meet Bertie's owners if he has any.

Since the shocking revelation, it has slowly dawned upon us that we may never see Bertie again (if no one comes forward as his rightful owner).

Now that we know he is safe, students are doing whatever they can in their power to bring him back and have him looked after on campus: where he truly belongs.

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The true icon of Hallward

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