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Latest Bertie Update: Suspected sightings ridiculed as no one knows which cat is him

It turns out there are two or three other black cats on UPC

Today's latest update in the Bertie saga brings a huge spanner in the works for the Find Bertie meet up, arranged by Facebook group The George Meme Library.

The search is due to take place on 18th January with 264 worried students attending and a further 758 interested.

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Taken from the cover photo of the 'Find Bertie' Facebook event

Today's revelation came after speaking to staff at the Hemsley (the conference centre and restaurant located next to Hallward and TLC).

A staff member told The Nottingham Tab "the cat doesn't belong here", which is surprising because The Hemsley seemed the most viable option for Bertie's home.

They then added that "two or three black cats" often roam around UPC. This supports yesterday's speculation that he could easily have been mistaken for one of them.

Here are some of the supposed sightings:

A picture posted today on the 'Find Bertie' Facebook page shows a cat running near Nightingale Hall, with a similar colouring to Bertie. Upon closer inspection it is clear that this is another cat because Bertie's colouring is far less white on the legs.

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Could it be our Bert?

It was also suggested yesterday that the cat pictured below could be Bertie, particularly as it was sitting in the Hallward library car park. However, it was later confirmed that this is not Bertie, rather another UPC cat that he often fight with.

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So the question still stands: where is he?

There is an ongoing outcry for answers and people have been urged to post pictures of any suspected sightings on the 'Find Bertie' Facebook group.

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