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We spoke to the new confessions page ready to shake up Notts

Everyone has something to confess

It's no coincidence that almost every single university across the country has some form of Facebook confession page, where students confess to awkward meetings with ex's in clubs, have a dig at the housemate you love to hate, or admit to true love to that girl in your seminar class. Student's love to gossip – there's no surprise that these pages enjoy major success online.

Facebook-confession-sharing company Uni Truths, infamous for the Bristol confession page Bristruths and Leeds' LeedsFess, have now ventured into the Nottingham market and created 'NottsFess', leaving no stone unturned in the sharing of juicy gossip.

The Nottingham Tab spoke to the people behind NottsFess to find out why students should be excited (and nervous) about their latest page.

What was the inspiration for creating a confession page for Nottingham?

We've opened pages in loads of universities and can't believe that Nottingham doesn't have a page like Bristruths of its own. It seems only fair that you have one and so here we are.

What kind of confessions are you looking for on NottsFess?

Anything at all, check out some of our other pages and see what gets posted there. Need exam tips? Just ask. Have a funny hook up story? Tell it. We will post anything as long as Facebook will let us so make the most of it.

What do you hope for the future of NottsFess?

NottsFess is only the start. We have crush and pet posting pages in Bristol that are amazingly popular, there is no reason we can't make these for Nottingham too. We always look to expand and make these pages as great as possible and we can do it for Nottingham too.

Why should we like the page?

You should like our page because we have a track record of making the best confessions pages. We post the funniest and most interesting things people are your uni are thinking and build a community with that.

If you want more than just jokes we do that too, our pages have gone viral in the past for social movements started through them as the audience allows change. This page will develop in accordance with what gets sent to us and truly become Nottingham's best confessions page.

You can check out the page here!