Rock City are selling bits of their iconic sticky floor, so you can purchase the exact spot you lost your dignity

They are selling for £25 a piece!

After 39 years of Jäger, Red Stripe and plenty of vom, Rock City have decided it’s time to stop punishing the bottom of our shoes.

It came as a shock to many when the mega club, which has stood on Talbot Street for nearly 40 years, released a video last week of a man taking an axe to their iconic main hall dancefloor.

However, the pieces of wood that we've pulled on, danced on, and puked on, are now up for grabs in an auction held by Rock City.

The floor has been in place since the venue opened in December 1980, and since then it has faced a lot. Unusually sticky, the floor has been graced by nearly every Nottingham student since day one, and some of the biggest names in music, such as Stormzy, Oasis, Green Day, and The Libertines. Somewhere in those floorboards is your blood, sweat and tears.

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Tuned was the first club night to experience the new floor

For those eager to purchase a part of living history, Rock City will be polishing up and branding slats of the floor and opening up a place where you can buy a slice of Nottingham history, all for the reasonable price of £25 to £30! The form can be found here, if you fancy having a keepsake of all the crisis' you've had in Crisis.

A new floor has already been installed, and the first gig was Enter Shikari on the 10th January, so it's already going to be trashed. It's a shame they didn't take a leaf out of Andy Hoe's book and install carpets.