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How to get excited for Christmas in Lenton early, because why not

It’s snowing somewhere people, and I for one am excited

Don't be a Grinch. It is officially time to embrace your inner Buddy the Elf, coax Michael Buble out of his annual retirement, grab yourself a Gingerbread Latte and be basic AF.

I don't care, and I'm sure you don't either, whether to celebrate this early for Christmas, but this is part of the hype. As soon as Thanksgiving, or even Halloween ends, Christmas is ready to be celebrated. And where is best to celebrate Christmas? In Lenton, where too few lectures and seminars and Christmasy nights out are a huge attraction to celebrating the white fest.

So sit back, relax and enjoy a round up of how to officially get in the festive mood in Lenton!

Embrace festive activities in Notts

The Christmas markets are open people and it's for a reason. Notts Christmas markets are not to be missed! Strolling around with a hot chocolate, watching the ice skating (or attempting if you're feeling brave) is bound to get you in the spirit of Christmas.

On offer are a plethora of cheeses, chocolates and some gorgeous fur scarfs/bobble hats. The ski chalet is my favourite – found at the heart of the market, treat yo' self to some beautiful live music and snuggle up to some Lapland-esque furs, or stagger home after a fair few cups of mulled wine #magical.

Decorate your Lenton house

What better way to jazz up the grunge of Lenton then with a bit of sparkle! It doesn't have to be extravagant – a pinch of tinsel, a paper chain, a little wreath to cover that mould above the sofa – think outside the box. It may be too early for the tree (or so I'm informed by flatmates), but that doesn't mean you can't inject a certain je ne sais quoi to your humble abode or even begin injecting festive flair to your wardrobe – I am reliably informed Primark have brought out a fabulous Christmas PJ range already. You'll be the talk of the town wondering into Sainsbury's in a stunning reindeer adorned legging and suave matching bobble hat beneath that oh so fashionable Urban Outfitters puffa.

Go and see a Christmas movie at Savoy

The Grinch is in the cinemas and it is incredible! Five stars. It's animated and adorable. What better to get you in the Christmas mood than seeing the Grinch's heart grow three sizes?? Smuggle in your sweets and sit back and prepare to be amazed – I was laughing louder than the surrounding six year olds.

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Catch it all week x

Get yourself a winter boo

Let's be honest a boyfriend is for Christmas. Who are we kidding the drama is not worth it year round – however, having someone to snuggle up to and keep you warm in the cold months (whilst watching The Holiday) is the dream. Christmas Crisis is there for a reason folks – or failing that maybe try the uni's new matchmaking society. Yes I am currently available, applications are welcome.

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Basically people I'm excited for Christmas and you should be too – it is a welcome distraction from the stress of deadlines – so get excited! Ok? Good!