‘The definition of vanilla’: This is what students from other unis really think of Notts uni

UK’s youth dish out the truth

Here at the University of Nottingham, we like to think of ourselves as ambitious, fun and outgoing students. But what do the rest of the UK student population actually think about us?

Turns out, our reputation isn't quite as good as we'd like it to be…

Sophie, 19, Bristol

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"Yeah it's alright – apparently quite green."

Mia, 19, Cardiff

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“Nottingham’s just boring, isn’t it? Horrendous accents…”

Jenny, 19, Exeter

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"Fabulous darling."

Sam, 19, Swansea

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"I don't think there's another uni that's hated by locals as much as UoN, which is probably quite telling."

Hannah, 19, Sheffield

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“I don't really know UoN which means I don't really have an opinion on it. I just know that it’s a good uni.”

Emilie, 19, Brighton

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"Don’t know much about University of Nottingham, too far from the sea for my liking, but my friend goes out every other night so night life must be at least half decent."

James, 20, Southampton

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“Robin Hood has to steal from the rich just to pay for his student accommodation.”

Yasmin, 19, UWE

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"It's just another Surrey up North, isn't it?”

Coco, 19, Leeds

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"The definition of average/boring/vanilla.”

Despite being in top 10 rankings (or around about that), having a relatively satisfactory nightlife and a visually impressive lake around Trent building, Nottingham is the designed plain Jane of the Russell Group unis. Who can blame them when our claim to fame is being perfectly average?