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‘Uni girls love rape’ written in tissue on Nottingham Uni halls bathroom floor

‘Rape jokes and rape culture have no place at UoN’


The University of Nottingham have begun an investigation today after the message "uni girls love rape" was written in toilet paper on the floor of a mixed gender Florence Boot halls bathroom and found this morning.

According to reports, the female students who found the message were too frightened to even make staff aware. Several students stumbled upon the message prior to university cleaners quickly removing the message written in the shared bathrooms.

Victoria Scandlyn, who posted the picture on Twitter, says after the girl who took the photo didn't report the incident, she decided to draw attention to it. "I thought I'd take it into my own hands if she wasn't going to," she told The Tab Nottingham.

"It's so disgusting," she said. "I didn't think lads at our uni had that mindset."

In a panicked email, students living in FloBo have been warned by staff not to speak to other students or to "ANY media channels" about the incident, and asked to report the names of anybody contacting them.

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Ruby Harrison, UoN Women's Officer has also condemned the incident. She said: "Rape jokes and rape culture have no place at UoN and I will support the uni and the women* of Florence Boot in any way I can during any investigation"

A spokesperson from the University of Nottingham told The Tab Nottingham: "This disgusting message was removed as soon as staff were made aware of it. It does not reflect the values of our university nor the behaviour we expect within our community and as such, we have launched a full investigation into who placed it there.

"We work hard to raise awareness on sexual consent through our 'Let's be clear on consent' initiative which tackles myths and misunderstandings about sexual consent, abuse and rape. As misogyny is a hate crime in Nottingham, we also provide information on harassment and hate crime reporting."