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University of Nottingham and Trent to merge into one institution: ‘University College Nottinghamshire’

The merge will set into effect in September 2018

Plans have been unveiled for the merge of Nottingham's two universities – Nottingham Trent and University of Nottingham – into one larger institution called the University College Nottinghamshire.

Similar to the University of London, the two universities will merge together under one name, with the first two main campuses – University Park at UoN and City Campus at Trent – set to become one in September next academic year.

Following this initial move, there are plans to expand throughout the rest of UoN's five campuses and Trent's three other across the Nottinghamshire area.

Initial talks were held in late December 2017 by University of Nottingham's Vice Chancellor Shearer West and Trent's counterpart Edward Peck to discuss the potential of such merger between the two universities.

It is thought that the merger will increase the number of UCAS applications to the Nottingham-wide university, and provide students with greater degree choice, most importantly in Bachelor of Arts degrees offered by Nottingham Trent.

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