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Why your uni friends are the best friends you’ll ever make

They’ll always have your back

University friendships are an extraordinary breed of friendship rarely found at any other time in your life. Nothing will ever result in such a friendship and nothing will ever equate to your friendship with them. They are the backbone of your regret, shame and awkward eye contact so, naturally they deserve an ode for ruining your life.

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I blame you all for my embarrassment.

They're the real MVPs

Whether it was the first night of freshers, or the last day of second year, when you really ought to have your shit together, they were there. They've carried you home one too many time, after one too many shots. They were there in the darkest of times, when you were dying in the toilets, or crying in the club over another boy. They were there that time you threw up in a taxi and they had to stop at Sainsbury's and get £40 out for your embarrassing ass. They've seen you in every possible state a student could be in, they really are the real MVPs. Give them an award already.

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State number #4769 of the term

They signed a housing contract with you – oh how naive they were

Seeing your mates out or in lectures everyday is quite a different experience to living with them (you know how nice your mum is when she's with her friends VS yelling at you at home). You'll learn there's a correlation between your housemates increasing washing up pile and your desire kill them. You'll learn that even though they got 3 A*s and a first, they can't even boil water without exploding the kitchen.

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Why cook when you can Domino's?

Regardless, they'll be there ready to confront the burglar that is once again breaking in, they'll be there houmous and pitta in hand, when you forget to go shopping for the 10th week in a row (my bad) and they'll be there, wallowing in shame, self-pity and regret on the sofa ready to discuss all the details of the houses bad decisions, the day after Crisis. And despite your inability to empty the washing machine or to buy toilet roll, they'll still sign the house with you for next year.

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Judgement is non existent

They don't judge you for your Year 7 school photo and they don't judge you for still being drunk at dinnertime. Whilst if you turned up to sixth form in yesterdays clothes, an overdraft, a soggy sandwich because you can't even cook that without failing and a book pile bigger than your regret, you'd be judged. However, at university that is the required uniform and we are struggling through this together. They look past your failures and look somewhere deep down and realise you're just a lost student soul in what is misconstrued as an adult. Your failures become their daily entertainment. Judgement isn't a thing they know.

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Our thoughts on university. See it says hard, university is very hard…

You've hit all time lows together

Y'all struggled through the last month of term with only £2 in your bank account. You've survived the winter months when you refused to turn the heating on which resulted in wearing gloves and a ski jacket bed and still shivering in bed. That time you were so cold, you put your hands in the oven, alongside your chip dinner just to keep warm-they were with you. That time you started crying because your milk was off, they were there. During coursework and exam season, they've eaten dinner with tears in their eyes too. They've been there through the mad and sad times.

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They are the bad influence.

9am exam tomorrow morning. That is basically the definition of perfect timing for a night out at Shapes according to your pals. Too busy getting ready to pour a drink? You think your pals are being kind by offering to make you one when in actuality it's 90% vodka and 10% regret. They will give you alcohol poisoning and then proceed to spend the rest of the year grilling you for being the weakest link. They will literally lie to their parents about you. "Yeah it was a great night out, everybody made it past pres, yes even Olivia. She's sorted out her life (kinda)."

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Actually made it past pres

There we have it, that is why your university friends are pure gold. They're a rare breed, rarely found outside of the school playground or their estate in the home counties but rather in Ocean buying you another double vodka lemonade trying to ruin your life, again. There is nobody better to experience alcohol poisoning and ruining your life with than your university pals.