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These are easily the best Instagram spots in Nottingham

The 101 guide on how to actually get likes and accordingly, save your self esteem

You know you came to Notts, you spent the entirety of Year 13 professing to everybody that you did indeed choose the university for its campus. Then upon arrival, you proceeded to spam every form of social media with pictures of the Downs or Trent building, just to remind all those concrete dwellers at Warwick and Birmingham that your university is indeed, aesthetically superior.

In order to further help you on your quest of maintaining your Instagram feed and accordingly, the jealousy of your poor friends stuck at concrete jungles like Exeter or, dear lord, Loughborough, I want to tell you all the places you need to go in Notts, in order be deemed an Instagram God:

Trent Building

Despite it being unfortunately named after our less than adequate university counterpart, the Trent Building is synonymous with Notts. Add this to your instagram feed to remind everyone that you do actually go to Notts and therefore, are better than them.

The university sign

Why go all the way to Hollywood when you can just catch the bus 34 to University Park campus for a fraction of the price and basically get the same experience. The hike to the Hollywood sign and the hike up the hill to the sign are basically the same thing. 10/10 would hit up Notts over Hollywood.

Hugh Stewart hall

Everyone knows it's the best hall on campus. Cripps who? If you are lucky enough to be one of the chosen ones who inhabit this holy land, your 'gram is likely to be on fire. If, due to a series of unfortunate events, you do not live here, you can still saunter over to Hu Stu in order to try to understand how the other half live.

Wollaton Park

If you haven't told your home friends that Batman's house is on your doorstep, do you even go to Uni of? The park provides endless opportunities for photoshoots, sledging in the snow, or the possibility of a long walk, allowing you enough time to come up with that all important instagram caption. If you need the most basic Notts photo ever, head to Wollaton.

Shapes at The Market Bar

Everyone knows that if you're dressed head to toe in Urban Outfitters or Depop, you're probably pretty cool, so naturally the only place to go is Shapes, with other fellow cool people. Shapes is the only place worth being photographed at, so you can showcase how cool you actually are.

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Pom Pom

If Crisis didn't kill you off for at least another week, the other hotspot to be on a Thursday is Pom Pom. Think of it as Crisis' little sister, same music taste but with cool instagrammable decor.

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Hockley Arts Club

With their multiple floors and their Japanese oriental garden on the top floor, this really is the ONLY place you ought to go for an Instagram. The cocktails are overpriced but the flowers are literally begging for every basic bitch to come and take a pic. #flowerpower

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If you Hockley Arts is too 'been there, done that' for you, try out Bunk. Cocktails are lovely, pretty cheap on the weekends and the aesthetic inside is very chic. Think neon signs meets Sherwood Forest.

Alternatively, if those options are too mainstream for you, hit up Calluna in Cornerhouse or Mojos near Market square. Both are off the beaten tracks of Instagram and therefore will make you the envy of all your followers.

Of course, Crisis

Last but not least is Crisis (where else?!) Whilst the club itself doesn't provide the most perfect lighting or aesthetic for instagram, just having your photo taken there on a Wednesday, lets everyone know that you exist in a superior circle. I mean the ability of even getting a ticket shows you're a head above the rest, so you might as well showcase your ability to meanader the sea of rugby and football boys and drink VKs like the teenager you so desperately wish you still were.

Although some places in Notts don't look too appealing, you can still work with it and get some cool pics! The angles are always important along with the editing. So put on your best outfit, your best pose and snap away!