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These Nottingham third years built an igloo with a beer fridge in their garden

It took them seven hours and six people


Unless you've been living under a rock for the past day and a half, Nottingham has been covered in snow and people are going crazy. With white stuff littered around campus, it's not easy to concentrate in lectures and in the library.

A group of third year students couldn't handle the stress of sitting in the Pope building doing project work all day and decided to do something with the snow.

Mechanical Engineering student George Morgan and Philosophy student Mike Morris decided to venture back home in the hopes of somehow building an igloo in their garden on Kimbolton Avenure.

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The final product: complete with a living room that can fit four and a fridge for a few bottles of beer

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They are working on a Beck's sponsorship

George and Mike saw the abundance of snow on Kimbolton Ave and wanted to make something big. They started shovelling a lot of snow onto George's garden from the street, using their hands at first but failed initially.

They then took two green recylcing bins and shovelled snow into them, carried them through George's house and dumped it into the garden. They filled 20 bins with snow. It took them three and a half hours.

After pilling a lot of snow into a big lump, the pair recruited three other mates, George, Elliot, and Bruce, to dig through to create a spacious living room and two fridges to keep a few bevvies ice cold.

George has since posted their success story on Buy/Sell, which totalled an incredible 1,500 likes:

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Expect to see this being rented for £100 a week come September.