My true feelings for Snapchat’s newest update

It’s just wrong

If you have been living under a rock for the past two days or do not own a Snapchat account, you have not been made aware of the attrocity that has plagued many teenagers and youths recently I am not talking about Kim K's pregnancy, nor any other tabloid sensation, but Snapchat's newest update which has propelled me onto another level of anger.

Snapchat's success can be attributed to its clean and elegant in-app design which provides three sceens for different uses: people you've snapped, the camera, and stories. Simples. Right? Why would you fuck up something that has worked wonders for years and for many people?

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Makes me want to sigh and roll my eyes

The new software update is designed to keep your friends’ stories and snaps separate, what has been introduced is a new interface which has proven to be completely headache-inducing.

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The bitmojis hurt me and

Simply updating the app will result in a complete change of the app's interface. Gone is the nice left-handed window of all your streaks and their names; we've now been left with a mess.

The Discover page is even worse. It's filled with celebrities and 'influencers' who I clearly cannot give a shit about. A window of hundreds of stories and sponsored content that really could not interest me any less. If I wanted to know seventeen ways on how to find a job, I'd attend my lectures, not read some bullshit article from Buzzfeed about it.

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It's intense, clickbaity and needs to go

How better to piss off teenagers and millenials by meddling with their favorite and most prized possession. It almost seems a punch in the face by the 'corporate man'; rather than letting us enjoy our streaks, shove sponsored celebrity content into our faces.

Luckily, a Twitter hero has even come to the rescue by posting detailed instructions on how to backtrack the update (and potentially save a life):

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