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Which Friends character are you on a night out?

“If we where in prison you guys would be, like, my bitches.”

It seems like everyone is in love with Friends now that the show is back on netflix. If you're anything like the typical student you watched all ten seasons in a week long exam period binge when you should have been revising. But the show has raised some questions, and perhaps the most pressing is what Friends character are you on a night out, so without further ado here you all are.

Richard – The Adult

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"Shut up, I'm happy"

The adult, that blessed person riding the line of pleasantly drunk and usefully sober, who's either putting drunk people in taxis home or making sure that their friends don't get lost. Always there with a good word or a handy fix. The best wingman you could ask for and the true hero of any group night out.

Ross – The Wet Blanket

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"We were on a break!"

If you managed to drag them out be prepared for mopey antics and boring behaviour, always worried about their deadlines in two weeks time and fretting over meaningless little details. They're probably going to bounce after an hour or two, heading home early to make sure they get enough rest before their self imposed 9am study session.

Monica – The Organiser

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"You don't tell me what to do. I tell you what to do."

The person that organised everyone to buy their tickets in the first place, often months in advance. The same person frantically trying to herd everyone out of the door so they don't miss the club's last entry. When drunk they act like their giving some kind of TedX talk, in reality their probably talking to a mirror. Don't get on their bad side.

Rachel – The Drama

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"I'm so happy and not at all jealous."

The night out isn't a group night out, it's their night out. You'd better make sure that you don't ruin it as they take this sort of thing very seriously. They're on the hunt for a future husband, looking for an eligible doctor, but while searching they don't mind induldging in a few bits of playful fun around the club.

Joey – The Player

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"Well, the fridge broke, so I had to eat everything."

They use an elaborate chat up line on the girl that they linked with on tinder. It turns out to be that girls friend but he gets with her anyway, before turning around and continuing to chripse the original girl moments later. Their night wouldn't be complete without some stop for food, they live for the post pull munchies.

Chandler – The Where Were They?

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"Why yes Ross. Pressing my third nipple, it opens the delivery entrance to the magical land of Narnia."

Where did they go? Who did they meet? Were they even at pres? No one knows, and its highly likely that they themselves don't even know. This person sees a night out as some sort of quest. Their own personal Lord of the Rings style adventure, just like Frodo they leave the rest of the fellowship behind however this time there's no Sam to save them from their inner demons. They could be on anything or drinking whatever, you don't even know if they're still out or if they're still in the same club.

Phoebe – The Before

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"Come on, Will. Take of your shirt and tell us."

So bubbly at pres, happily bobbing around the room making small talk with everyone and keeping everyone happy. Downing drinks left right and center they're super excited to go on a night out and drink away their worries with all of their friends.

Ursula – The After

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"I'm going to a concert tomorrow, I'd invite you but I've only got two tickets left"

The aftermath of the pres, once they reach the club they are erratic, she starts by getting off with a guy within five minutes, proceeds to puke and loses everything and everyone she came with. Their nights out are always followed by a facebook post, "Lol lost everything last night let me know if you find it, classic me! xo"

Gunther – The Outsider

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"Hey buddy, this is a family place, put the mouse back in the house."

Where they formally invited or did they just appear with second hand knowledge of your group outing? They probably spend their time on a night out standing at the edge of the group just waiting for the house mate they love to finally give them the slightest bit of attention.

Janice – OH. MY. GOD.

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"OH. MY. GOD."

OH. MY. GOD. Everything that ever happend is blown way out of proportion. Prepare to survive your hangover to ringing coruses of "OH. MY. GOD." as they recap every mishap and event no matter how big or small of the previous night.

Marcel – The Monkey

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Eagerly hyping up the night out on the group chat, making sure that everyone is as gassed for this event as they are. This person is always trying to be playful and have a laugh, they can even get the wet blanket of the group to forget about their worries and enjoy some of the finer things in life, like VKs and more VKs.