What in the hell is Refreshers Week?

Don’t believe the hype

Remember Freshers week? The prolonged week-long crippling hangover, the fury to purchase any remaining tickets for next nights 'big bash', the silly costumes, the indignified pulls, the awe on your face when you realise that you're not in St. Albans anymore in Batchwood, you're in Pryzm with fucking confetti raining down on your head.

Freshers was a blissful time, a once-in-a-lifetime time where no fucks were given, where college kids, eventually, matured into uni students.

Forget FUCK ME IT'S FRESHERS and your alcohol-addled adventures in town paying a fat 25 quid for a ticket to three consecutive nights out at The Lacehouse, or the banging SU organised events at Pryzm, Rock City and Ocean, Refreshers Week is right around the corner, promising just as great vibes as it's shorter-named pseudonym.

Down it freshaaaaaaaa!!

As the Nottingham SU website briefly states:

"Refreshers’ Week is a whole week of events offering you a second chance to get involved in the Freshers’ experience, whether you’re a new student or you missed out in September"

If you weren't pressured into downloading a cabby app to get a free ice cream, handed a single slice of Dominos, or about every leaflet and sticker provided by any society, you obviously didn't experience freshers correctly.

A Freshers fair on the Tuesday will provide you a second chance to join societies and clubs that you previously paid a fiver to join in September, thought it was great that you signed up, and never attend an event after the first meet-up.

Long queues, getting in at 12, back at halls by 2.

In the evenings, 'special' club nights and bar crawls have been 'organised' to attract you to the same clubs and bars that you went to in freshers, fell in love with, and regularly go every week with your friends.

Freshers Week was arguably the highlight of every fresher in uni, but Refreshers Week appears as a rehash of a time which was great and seminal the first time, maybe not the second time around.

Refreshers Week is simply a ploy to get you to go out after exams, and to be frank, that's what every one will be doing. When it comes down to it, it is just your standard night out in Notts, which is already a banger!

Don't believe the hype.

University of Nottingham