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Puppies are coming to the Portland building tomorrow!

Stop getting hounded by deadlines and just hang with some hounds

The hype is real. Piles of fluff, mounds of woofer, puppers of exquisite beauty, doggos abounding. This Friday, November 17th, Karnival will be hosting a puppy room on campus in aid of Guide Dogs UK.

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I can't contain myself

Located in the Studio inside the Portland Building between 10am and 4pm visitors can spend 15-20 minutes with various guide dog puppies and ask any questions of the guide dog trainers. No booking is required however attendees will be asked to make a small donation of £2, honestly this is a steal at twice the price.

For all those looking for a fine canine to destress and unwind with, or if you're just looking for something to do on a Friday. Head down to the Portland building to experience four legged love and to donate to a good cause. Lastly for all those who are too hungover for lectures, get out of bed and go see some puppies instead, after all hair of the dog is the real hangover cure.