Community officer hopeful said he would refuse to go to an LGBT+ event because it’s against his religious beliefs

Sami said he was happy to work with LGBT+ people professionally but not personally

After comments he made this week SU Community candidate Sami Hawari has been clarifying his stance on LGBT+.

The alleged comments from Sami on his refusal to attend a LGBT+ event due to his religious beliefs were posted on the University of Nottingham Students’ Union LGBT+ Network page. In messages to a member of the group he had said that his religious beliefs ‘go against’ LGBT+ and therefore he would not be able to accept an invitation to an event held by the network.

In a conversation, (which you can read at the end of the article) about his comments with another member of the network Sami defended himself, stating he has no issue with LGBT+ people, and in a professional world he has no problem with LGBT – he’s even friends with openly gay people.

He then explained that it was all a misunderstanding and that he would never use his beliefs as an excuse to harm anyone.

Lux Huntington, the current SU LGBT Officer and the member of the group who Sami originally spoke to, clarified their response to Sami’s defence

“To clarify (because Sami has mentioned me in that conversation by name), I did not respond to his messages because my issue is with his personal beliefs, regardless of whether he can separate them from his work. Other candidates will go out of their way to support the LGBT+ community and are active allies, rather than passively ‘allowing’ LGBT+ efforts to go ahead. With the knowledge that Sami personally disagrees with LGBT+, I didn’t see the point in engaging in conversation (especially on such a sensitive topic for me personally).”

Speaking to the Tab, Lux said that they were “anxious to comment so as not to affect Sami professionally, however the issue is clearly one that needs raising so that students at UoN are aware, should Sami be voted into office today.”

When asked to comment Sami’s official response was: “If you want my genuine opinion, then watch my hustings that occurred a couple days ago and listen to what I said. Thank you.”

You can find those hustings here to decide for yourself.



Voting has now closed for the SU positions and the results will be revealed this evening, follow the results on The Tab Nottingham.