Some questions I have for eduroam, the network we love to hate

Why are you so shit tho?

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After mourning the recent (ish) loss of our beloved UoN secure, Nottingham students have been left less than impressed with its replacement, ‘eduroam’.

It’s not just Nottingham either, with Google confirming that literally everyone wants to know why eduroam is so bad/slow/shit.

why IS eduroam ??

With widespread connectivity and speed issues across the uni, it’s safe to say we’re underwhelmed at best. But when the entire network went down over the December deadline period, we were down right outraged.

So, creators, endorsers and employees of eduroam, I have exactly 34 questions for you.


1. Why did you do this?

2. How do you actually pronounce ‘eduroam’?

3. You know that’s not as catchy as you hoped it would be, right?

4.  Also, ‘roam’? Where you roaming pal?

5.  Can you not roam away from me though?

6.  Seriously where is your loyalty?

7. Or your timing?

8. Why do you always drop out at critical times?

9. Literally the worst times.

10. Do you have no shame?

11. Guilt?

12. Is it just UoN you’re not compatible with?

13. Are you at Trent?

14. Do you fuck them over as much as us?

15. How much are you paid by the uni to provide this shit?

16. Did you promise to be awesome and not deliver?

17. Did you vote in the referendum?

18. We didn’t have a problem, why did you feel the need to fix it?


19. What will it take for you to take your business elsewhere?

20. I’ve heard you’re kind of everywhere, do you have evil plans to take over the world?

21. Supply us all with mediocre internet speeds then taketh away whenever you please?

22. Are you run by narcissists?

23. What are your thoughts on Trump?

24. Did UoN secure put up a fight? Our sweet, sweet UoN secure.

25. Why did you leave UoN guest in tact?

26. Is there some sort of insider trade deal?

27. Can you bring back UoN secure as some sort of partner? I’m not sure how these things work, but there must be a way.

28. Would you be mad if we left you for UoN secure?

29. Are you aware of the plethora of things less annoying than you?

30. Why are you SO savage on twitter?


31. Did any of you go to uni?

32. Know any students?

33. You just don’t seem to get it.

34. Is this all some elaborate, cruel joke?


Just asking.