BNOC of the Year 2016: Round Five

Let’s do this one last time

This is your last lot. Exercise your right to vote, and crown your round five winner below.

David Saunders, Russian and Contemporary Chinese, Second Year


Reason for being nominated: “Nothing says BNOC more than being a member of Pub Quiz Society, Model United Nations and Student Radio. If you can crack those three, you’ve made it. Although you might not know David, he probably knows you. He’s a huge fan of Photo 38 in your family’s 2011 trip to Barcelona. You’ve probably had an argument with David on the internet.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Interesting article this…”

What’s their most BNOC story? “For Sport Relief, he pledged to be hit by a tennis ball for every £1 he raised. He raised £0.”

Jack Tranter, Financial Management and Dutch, Third Year


Reason for being nominated: “For being the President of Men’s Hockey and his starring role in the Crisis Blind Drunk videos.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “Hockey. Crisis. Mary (McCarthy).”

What’s their most BNOC story? “He polices Lenton student safety with his BB gun out of his window on Derby Road; think of him as the Frank Underwood of the SU. Also, he’s very touchy about his plants.”

Joe Dolling, Law, Second Year


Reason for being nominated: “As the former president of Hugh Stewart, and a regular DJ on the Nottingham club circuit at Shapes and The Bakery, Joe is an inspiring riposte to those that claim people who are both ginger and from Milton Keynes cannot be a success at university. This year he rounded off a successful Week One campaign by nabbing a fresher girlfriend considerably better looking than himself, and has gone from strength to strength since.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “I’m a DJ.”

Robert Gnyla, Mechanical Engineering, Second Year


Reason for being nominated: “A maverick known within a vast majority of social groups as a loose cannon/Houdini on nights out, he also competed for Mr Birmingham 2015 and hopes to become a brick layer post degree.”

Describe this BNOC in 3 words: “1. Loose 2. Ecdysiast 3. Nincompoop.”

What’s their best BNOC story? “The Snapchat video that went around Notts of him dancing butt naked on a stranger’s sofa to Format:B – Chunky.”